Vivien Feil, co-founded Magenta with his brother Jean and their good friend Soy Panday in 2010. Now going strong into their 5th year, we’re super excited to talk with Vivien about Magenta for the print Krak Mag and asked him a whole bunch of questions ranging from the genesis of the brand, to discussing the brand’s graphics as well as asking him how the concept of #WorldwideConnections became so fundamental to Magenta’s ethos. With a diverse roster of riders from around the world, Magenta has definitely defied any attempts to label or pigeon hole the company. Magenta Skateboards is just all about skateboarding and seeing the world with your friends. But don’t take it from us, hear it from the man himself, Mr Vivien Feil in his Founders Interview. This interview originally ran in our print Krak Mag issue #2 that came with the May 2015 KrakBox

Magenta Historia